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About Us

HEALvan is a unit of Doctales Healthcare Private Limited (DHPL), established in 2021 by two young entrepreneurs to address the scarcity of quality healthcare services in Rural India.

To provide affordable, accessible and quality healthcare delivery in rural India, we are creating an ecosystem which will support the comprehensive rural healthcare management.  

We are trying to meet up the most challenging requirements of a rural landscape through impeccable business acumen and technology.

We are covering several aspects of rural healthcare services through its robust network, healthcare service delivery and an end to end healthcare solutions to the rural India.

Mission & Vision

DHPL is a healthcare innovator and solutions provider that strives to enrich the quality of life of every un-touched or underserved rural populace by focusing on their health, comfort, and happiness.

We are dedicated to redefine the future of the healthcare industry and to improve the quality of everyone’s life.

DHPL has exceeded the expectations, because we do not only provide multiple solutions to the healthcare sector but also, we have a strong vision to create an ecosystem for affordable and accessible quality healthcare services in every corner of the country.

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Now quality healthcare is accessible for the last mile populace.